Frequently Asked Questions

What is the orthocaps Twin Aligner® system?
Can orthocaps be used for tooth alignment in adults?
Are orthocaps invisible braces right for you?
How expensive is tooth alignment with orthocaps?
Whom should I contact to have my teeth straightened with the orthocaps system?

Treatment with orthocaps aligners

I have had fixed braces for some time now. Can I still switch to orthocaps?
What kinds of malpositioned teeth does orthocaps work on?
How long do I have to wear my orthocaps aligners?
Is orthocaps treatment painful?
I have a few bridges. Can I still have my teeth straightened with orthocaps?
Is treatment with orthocaps good for my health?
Are there any foods that are off-limits during treatment with orthocaps?

About orthocaps

What exactly is the difference between orthocaps aligners and traditional metal braces?
Where are orthocaps aligners manufactured?
Where can I get orthocaps?