About us
Dr. Wajeeh Khan
Dr. Wajeeh Khan is the founder and Managing Director of Ortho Caps GmbH. After graduating from de Montmorency College of Dentistry, Dr. Khan became a research associate in the department of oral and maxillofacial surgery at the university hospital of Westfälische Wilhelms University in Münster Germany. In 1989 he was awarded the degree of “Doctor of Dental Medicine” (Dr. med. dent.) by the University of Münster.

From January 1993 until April 1996, Dr. Khan worked at the department of orthodontics at the university hospital in Münster and was awarded a “Certificate of Specialization in Orthodontics” by the University of Münster. He also obtained the title of “Specialist in Orthodontics” from the German Dental Council the same year.

Since January 2006, Dr. Khan has led the company he founded as its managing director. The company has grown under his leadership and its services and products are being used by orthodontists in more than 35 countries around the world.

Dr. Khan has published many scientific articles regarding the orthocaps technique. He has lectured extensively at universities and symposia throughout Europe and is passionately involved in research and further development of orthocaps products and services.