Innovative solutions for perfection-seekers

Whether you are looking for innovative methods as part of an associated treatment or the right post-treatment retention system, Orthocaps® has the solution you need. Its range of auxiliaries is the perfect complement to help you achieve matchless results.

HAT (Hybrid Aligner Treatment)

This innovative system is based on the simultaneous use of aligners and fi xed appliances.
Our Hybrid Aligner Treatment (HAT) is the ideal solution when a treatment with aligners alone is not suffi cient.


An advanced positioner made of dental silicone
for your finishing or retention phases.

Friction Pads

Attachment innovation:
Our friction pads are extraordinarily thin and almost invisible;
a powerful argument to increase patient cooperation.

Pre-formed attachments

Our pre-formed attachments enhance tooth movements and are pre-placed in the aligner.
For more discretion, the color of the attachment can be ordered to match that of the tooth.