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Broadening the Scope of Orthocaps Treatments

The aesthetics of our smile has become a very important part of the overall perception of health and beauty in almost every culture around the world. It is therefore not surprising that many people are willing to spend time and money to acquire a beautiful smile regardless of their age, sex or social background.

Orthodontists and dentists are sought by prospective patients for quick, painless and effective treatment options to obtain a beautiful smile. Thus the demand for invisible orthodontic solutions is experiencing an exponential increase. In this environment, it is necessary to offer clinicians treatment options that are not only invisible, and aesthetically acceptable to patients, but also effective in treating a variety of malocclusions. We at Orthocaps®feel, that the best possible way to deal with this challenge is to use the most effective features of all orthodontic techniques and appliances in combination with our aligners to achieve excellent orthodontic results in a short time even in complex cases.

Following are some of the topics that were addressed during the symposium:

  • Hybrid Aligner Treatment (HAT). Using auxiliaries like the Quadhelix, Lingual Arch, TADs and Distalising Appliances with orthocaps® aligners. Using partial lingual appliances with orthocaps®aligners.
  • Introducing the “orthocaps® positioner” called the BITE MAINTAINER as an active as well as a retention appliance.
  • The new 3D iSetup which would be able to display all treatment stages and superimpositions.
  • Incorporating intra-oral scanners in the orthocaps® digital workflow.
  • The new 3D Treatment Evaluation Report and its uses.

As usual, we also welcomed some prominent guest speakers who spoke on different topics related to the orthocaps® system. I hope that we will have the opportunity of welcoming you again to this event and profit from your experience and feedback as well.

Dr Wajeeh Khan
the founder and Managing Director of Ortho Caps GmbH